Upgrade your existing deck with our see through railing system

Re-Rail is a handrail system for patio decks. It is engineered of select pressure treated lumber and powder coated steel components for a vision of sleek lines and maximum visibility to your back or front yard.

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Give Your Deck an Upgrade With Unobstructed Views.

Upgrading the railings on your deck is extremely affordable and installation is lightning fast. Adding a high end feature like horizontal railing is great for homeowners on a budget. You get the sleek modern look of a custom designed deck at a fraction of the cost.  Curb appeal is important for your entire home, not just the front. Your new deck railing will look amazing, add value and that is a great investment.

Add Value & Curb Appeal

Upgrading the railings on your deck with a slender horizontal rail can be very affordable – especially compared to other types of renovations. This is an added benefit for homeowners who want to add value to their home without the hassle and cost of a full scale addition.

Increases Your Home Value

Lightning Fast Installation

Clean Look & Open View

Increases Visual Space

I am in love with the new look of my deck. It’s indescribable how much bigger my outdoor space looks now. Love the premium look. Got to mention that the process was fast and painless!

Kim Bayle

Frequently Asked Questions

WHY INNOVATIVE HOMEWORKS?2021-07-23T16:51:36+00:00

Christopher Busing – owner/operator with 23 years experience as a carpenter and remodeling contractor; stays close to the process on every project.  We work with a combination of in-house workers and subcontractors who have been associated with IH for many years.  We are remodeling specialists.  We will coordinate any size project you have for us, from small repairs to a large addition. We have systems to provide a smooth transition, from your first conception to the realization of the finished product.   We can provide you with top-quality products and installations just like the biggest remodeling companies but without their high cost of overhead, which must be passed on to you.

WHAT WE DO BEST – INNOVATE2021-07-23T16:51:36+00:00

This word is not in our name just to sound catchy. We come up with creative solutions to cut expenses, without sliding on quality, and that other remodelers have not the imagination for.


We have the levels of design appropriate to your situation.

  1. On most additions and modifications, Chris Busing, as a master carpenter, has the skills and design know-how, including load-bearing situations and additions to your home.
  2. In situations such as designing kitchen layouts with tight cabinet specs, we have designer help that is totally competent at laying out your specifications.
  3. Finally, in those occasional situations, we can recommend, or work with your own, architect, to cover the most difficult or unforeseen circumstances.
IH PRIORITIES IN YOUR REMODEL2021-07-23T16:52:39+00:00
  1. To improve your lifestyle by improving your home.
  2. To increase your home’s value.
  3. To provide you with a painless renovation experience.

We will provide certificates of Worker’s Compensation and Liability insurance to any client, upon request.  Our insurance company forwards certificates immediately.

OUR SYSTEMS2021-07-23T16:52:48+00:00

I present here a discussion that you are not likely to get from most remodeling websites.   I provide you with a window into the inner workings and in some cases, the inner horrors of running a remodeling business.  This is a business that is inherently difficult to systematize.  It is complicated, with so many unique situations presented to the remodeler every day.  It will be the last business for robotics to take over.   We like to build systems because it saves us time and money and most important of all, smoothly functioning systems prevent remodeler “burnout”.  It remains an incredible challenge for the remodeler to attempt to systematize a business where just about every project requires a level of thinking energy that I equate to the making of the first Ford Mustang prototype that preceded the millions of production cars off the assembly line.  The difference is though, that for remodelers, we must devote the same level of thinking energy to all our projects because each is unique; each is a Mustang prototype, but without the endless amounts of budget money to throw at problems.  We never have the luxury that an assembly line provides, to just put ourselves on automatic.  But we do build systems that bring our production as close to the assembly line as possible.

Any good remodeler will be constantly working on the company, by asking him or herself, how to make a particular system work better.  Our potential clients can begin to see the importance of this discussion to the success of the installations performed on their family homes.

The following discussions of the different aspects of the internal operations of IH, in some manner or another, involve systems and are the result of everything that we have created over the years in this company.  They are constantly being perfected and are tailored to the needs of our company and clients.

OUR PERSONNEL2021-07-23T16:52:55+00:00

We have a very closely knit, and getting along together group of permanent in house workers. We know what to expect of them; what they can do and what they can’t. We generally use only subcontractors that we have had good working relationships over many years.

REFERENCES UPON REQUEST2021-07-23T16:53:10+00:00

Yes, we have a system for this too.

We provide you with a reference list for you to verify our level of expertise. Most of our clients do not check our references, even when we don’t come referred by a friend or neighbor.  It is OK not to check references if you hire IH.  In general, though, you should check references, and the following fact may have you somewhat wary of all contractors:  Many contractors give you references and hope that you never call them!

PROJECT MANAGER SOP2021-07-23T16:53:15+00:00

We have the finest standard operating procedure for the project managers, in the business.  It is over 75 points of procedure on how to: start up a job, how to run it, how to finish it, how to manage workers and subs.  We literally send our new project managers to our own in-house mini-seminar covering this subject, before ever turning one loose in the field.  I would publish this SOP here if I did not consider it a trade secret.


We have fully stocked Jobsite preparation kits available to our workers whenever a project is started.  We can spend hours preparing and protect your home before we commence with any of our remodeling disciplines.

OFFICE SYSTEMS2021-07-23T16:53:28+00:00

We have created efficient office systems that include; issuing paychecks, applying costs to ongoing projects, issuance of profit and loss statements, and paying the bills.  With the office we have in place now, we have the ability to triple our business volume.  Many remodelers try to grow by taking on more work than their office can handle.  Not being able to keep on top of the financial dealings of a number of projects always spells disaster, even if the projects are profitable.

CHANGE ORDERS2021-07-23T16:53:33+00:00

Improper handling of extra work that crops up on a project, above and beyond the contractual obligations, called change orders, has been the Achilles heel of all good remodelers at one time or another in their businesses.  The inevitable tendency is to make a tacit agreement with the client, for some extra work, and then push the matter out of mind because nobody wants to talk about money.  Then, comes the end of the project, and the remodeler pulls out thousands of dollars of change orders and the client is naturally flabbergasted.  Change orders with IH come at or before their point of execution.

PROFIT SHARING2021-07-23T16:53:39+00:00

For in-house workers.  As the owner-operator of IH, I feel that one should not even be in this business unless you have a system for dispensing profit amongst your workers.  There is too much critical thinking required at all levels of this business for there not to be additional rewards for the workers.  Without such incentive, a remodeling company is setting itself up for a higher incidence of installation mistakes, due to inattentive workers.   Our profit-sharing systems were incredibly difficult to create and implement; the reason being that the demands of day-to-day operations require so much thinking time, that the issue of profit sharing takes a back seat.  And almost no remodeling companies do it, so it is easy to assume that profit sharing is too far outside the realm of possibilities, although the companies that do profit share, are proven more successful.

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