Frequently asked questions

My deck looks dingy and dirty Can you restore the new look of the deck before you install a Re-Rail ?2019-03-01T20:22:59+00:00

Certainly. We have another service that can pressure wash and apply a high quality stain/sealer, with a pigment color of your choice, to protect from weather elements. We can also price for installing new deck boards, which is a great savings over rebuilding the entire deck.

Do you warrantee my Re-Rail installation?2019-03-01T20:25:44+00:00

Yes.  We provide a 3 year warrantee.

Can the wooden parts of the railing be constructed out of another type of wood if I choose?2019-03-01T20:28:37+00:00

Certainly.  Our base pricing is for pressure treated pine, which are select pieces from the manufacturer.  Properly stained, the PT pine will also become more durable than the painted trim surfaces on the outside of your home.  As an alternative though, to PT pine, we can supply other specialty hardwoods or composites as integral parts of the Re-Rail installation.

Will the metal parts of my new Re-Rail get rusty ?2019-03-01T20:21:43+00:00

The industrial coatings that we apply will prevent rust and will actually provide for more durability than the painted exterior trim surfaces on your house.

Does the Re-Rail system pass my local building code ?2019-03-01T20:26:57+00:00

Yes.  We have engineered the Re-Rail systems to specifications that local building departments will be satisfied with for safety.

Will the Re-Rail be safe for my children? Can they climb over it ?2019-03-01T20:30:04+00:00

Building departments use the term “ladder effect” as pertaining to horizontal deck railing systems.   Horizontal rail parts are approved in the building code, although they can be climbed over.  Regards any such danger, one must also realize that a chair pulled close to the railing can also be climbed by a child.  Each parents must be aware of their children’s inclinations to climb up onto things.  It is good to talk with other parents who have similar deck installations.

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